Mulan Take Away Points Program

We want to retain your trust

How does our points program work?

  1. Every time you place an online order you are accumulating points with which you can purchase discounts on your next orders.
  2. For every euro you spend on your online order, we will add 1 point to your personal online account. Each point accumulates €0.01 . For example:
    10 points = €0.10
    50 points = €0.50
    100 points = €1.00
  3. In the last step of the purchase process, the points you accumulate with the current order, the accumulated points and the discount you can access with your points balance will appear.
  4. Points expire in 1 year.

Sign up and we’ll give you 100 points

In order to benefit from the points program you must place your orders as a registered customer.

You can access My Account , or create a new customer account .

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